Patients deserve better. At Practice Without Pressure Pike Creek, we serve patients with special needs with the extra care and respect they deserve.

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What Is Practice Without Pressure Pike Creek?

Practice Without Pressure Pike Creek prepares fearful clients for medical, dental and personal care. The Practice Without Pressure Practice Model™ provides a framework for people to become comfortable with procedures they once feared, resisted or avoided. This step-by-step approach promotes trust and learning

Dr. Hope Thomas-Glavin, D.D.S., of Practice Without Pressure Pike Creek named one of Delaware’s Top Dentists for 2018!

Dr. Thomas-Glavin believes an educated patient is a healthier patient and loves teaching wherever she goes. She believes in giving back to her community from her abundance of blessings. She has volunteered for “Give Kids a Smile”, “Special Olympics”, “Sunday Breakfast" Mission” as well as traveled the world to provide dental services for those less fortunate.

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Make a difference today by giving a charitable tax-deductible contribution.

Your charitable, tax-deductible donation will be used to help families with members who have special needs, afford their practice specialist sessions. At Practice Without Pressure Pike Creek, we use generous donations to give back to those who need financial help, and receive the personal, medical, or dental needs they have.

Or donate with a check via mail: 3105 Limestone Road Suite 210 Pike Creek, DE 19808


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